Officers and new inductees practice for the ceremony. (Photo: Mrs. Danielson)
Officers and new inductees practice for the ceremony.

Photo: Mrs. Danielson

New-fangled NJHS induction ceremony

Changes bring formality to JoLane's ceremony

March 12, 2020


On Tuesday, March 10, there was an induction for new National Junior Honor Society members. It was held at 6:00 PM in the Media Center (the library), and there were eight inductees. The induction started with a performance by the Umpqua Trombone Quartet, including our band teacher, Mr. Thompson. As the musicians played the prelude, the inductees and officers walked in.
The inductees took their seats, and the officers spoke about the core values of NJHS, and then they lit the candles for the inductees. The new members then got certificates and were the first to sign the brand-new induction book. The book has thick pages and a brown leather cover. “We chose it because it adds a sense of formality to our chapter of NJHS. It’s fancy!” Mrs. Danielson said.
After taking photos with family, new members went back on stage with their lit candles and pledged to be outstanding members. They blew out their candles, enjoyed cake, and conversed with each other.
Mrs. Opp planned on giving a speech, but she lost her voice. Mr. Lomica stepped in and gave a speech about how NJHS is building a foundation for the rest of the members’ lives.
Mrs. Rogers, adviser, and Mrs. Danielson, co-adviser, gave the officers necklaces with the emblem that represents their office– a gavel for president, a torch for vice president, a feather for secretary, and a key for treasurer.
This year’s ceremony was quite different from last year’s. Last year, the students went up and got a certificate and swayed glow sticks in the air. Last year’s ceremony wasn’t just for inductees\; there were also awards given out to the students already in the National Junior Honor Society. The advisor that year gave a speech, and then students grabbed cookies and headed out. It was held in the upper gym, and it was very packed full of people.
“Mrs. Rogers worked really hard to change the style and tone of the ceremony.” Mrs. Danielson said when reflecting on this year’s event. Emily Alvarez, one of the eight new members added, “It was nice. It was very formal.”

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