Homeless students in Roseburg School District

In Roseburg, there is a big homeless problem. According to the Oregon Housing Alliance, in Douglas County alone there are about 500 students that don’t have a home. They either live in a shelter or out on the streets. In total, there are 4,542 students in all of Douglas County. That means that there is an 11% chance that while students are walking in the halls of their schools, they will come across homeless students without even knowing.
To help the kids get an education that they deserve, the McKinney-Vento program was enacted. The McKinney-Vento program is a law ensuring that even if a child or teen doesn’t have a home, they can still get all the free school services that the other students get access to (transportation to and from school, free lunch, counseling services, clothes, etc.). The program was originally authorized in 1987 with the McKinney-Vento Act by president Ronald Regan but was reauthorized in 2001 with the No Child Left Behind Act. The No Child Left Behind Act was the law for K-12 schools to ensure that all kids were able to learn and achieve; the only issue with this law is that it was very controversial, because it penalized the schools that weren’t able to show much improvement. This law lasted from 2002-2015.
As well as The McKinney-Vento act, McKinney-Vento program and the No Child Left Behind act, Roseburg has initiated the Homeless and Runaway Youth Services Program. The Homeless and Runaway Youth Services Program is run by Juliana Marez. Marez said in an interview with The News Review on December 8, 2018 that when she first started her job in 1996, she had 18 kids on her caseload, and in this past year alone that number has been raised to 200 kids. This is an increase of about 1111%! Because of this, Roseburg has issued training to teachers to identify the signs of homelessness. For example, not doing homework, looking rough or dirty and not coming to school normally or on a regular schedule are all warning signs for teachers to look out for.