Dress code dos and don’ts

Hoodies/Shirts with writing are fine, just as long as they aren’t offensive.

Like any other school, JoLane has a dress code. JoLane’s dress code has basic dress code rules such as nothing offensive, nothing gang-related, etc. Many students, teachers, and advisors have different opinions on our dress code. There are many clothing items students know that are definitely not okay to wear to school (for example, clothing with offensive material).
Mrs. Dietrich, Counseling Center secretary, said if she could change or add anything to the dress code, she would add a rule forbidding bra straps and another rule saying that shorts would have to cover a person’s bottom. We asked what she believes the purpose of the dress code is. Mrs. Dietrich replied, “I believe it shows respect to our school and makes us aware that we need to dress appropriately.”
We asked Mrs. Yutzie the same questions regarding the dress code. Mrs. Yutzie is the Athletic Secretary of our school. Mrs. Yutzie believes that the purpose of the dress code is so that students dress appropriately. The rule she would like to add to our dress code is that there should be no inappropriate slogans or branding on clothing.
Students are the main individuals involved with the dress code. Danica Coleman, an eighth-grader, said she thinks students get in trouble for dress code often and that tank tops violate the dress code. Here at Jo Lane, one of our strictest dress code rules, involves hats and hoods. Hats and hoods are not allowed in the building unless a specific teacher gives students permission in their own classroom. Interestingly, most students who were asked about the dress code did not take it seriously.