Lookingglass Block Run


2020 Lookingglass Block Run registration sheet.

The 2020 Lookingglass run is coming up. On March 7, the two to five-mile run will occur. This run is important to the Roseburg High School cross country team, for it is a fundraiser to help them. The following information is important to all those who want to participate.
The first thing to know is the entry fee. One person’s entry, with a long sleeve t-shirt ordered before February 24, is twenty-five dollars. For one person’s entry with a long sleeve t-shirt ordered after February 24, it is thirty dollars. For one person’s entry without a long sleeve t-shirt, it is ten dollars.
Other things to know are what time it starts, where it starts, ends, and where the bathrooms are. The Lookingglass Run starts and ends at 7421 Lookingglass Rd, Roseburg, OR, 97471. It will start at 10:00 AM in the morning. There will only be bathrooms available at the elementary school. Additionally, there will be awards for runners who place from 1 to 50. For more information contact Nathan Eckman at [email protected] . Here is a link to the registration form: 2020 Lookingglass Block Run Registration Form. Send all entries to Roseburg High School, 400 W. Harvard, Roseburg, OR 97470, and checks payable to RHS Cross Country.