Special features of the Boys and Girls Club


Salina Herrera

Be great by 8th (and youth advisory) has a white board they use to write that days topic, and/or other ideas. *This is Haily, one of the club’s advisers*

Salina Herrera, Staff Reporter and Editor

The Boys and Girls Club is a fun place to hang out after school, and with a wide range of areas to hang out in, there’s a place for everyone. As students move through grade levels, they have access to more rooms and clubs. One of the clubs available for middle schoolers is the Be Great by 8th program, located in the College and Career center upstairs. In this program, participants get to learn life skills, time management, types of learners, and many other things. According to Ivy Newell, “We work on getting ready for the future, working together with different types of people, and other communication skills.” This program is completely free, and it’s not the only one.
The Youth Advisory Panel is a program where participants get to plan and host a monthly event. This event takes place after club hours (6:30-8:30) and is only for sixth through twelfth graders. Planning means that we’re picking a theme, making a selfie background, planning the games, choosing the music, and many other aspects.
Both of the programs previously mentioned began in October this year. The Be Great by 8th program started three years ago in 2016, but the Youth Advisory Panel started only last year. Still, both are very worth looking into.