Just show up

“Just Show Up” signs are posted around the school.

Plastered all throughout the halls are signs that say “Just Show Up.” These signs are meant to remind us all about the video we watched at the beginning of the year. But what exactly does the phrase mean? According to Mrs. Opp, “It means that there are times when you don’t need to be invited to talk with somebody.” For example, say there is someone sitting by themselves. Maybe they are waiting for someone to invite them over, and if no one does, they end up with no one to talk to. If there’s someone sitting by themselves, the right thing to do is go over and ask if they need someone to sit by and talk to. That’s what it takes to show up for another person.
But young people are sometimes selfish, and people don’t always want to, or don’t feel comfortable, inviting someone new or different to their group. But the people with no one to talk to shouldn’t need to be invited. All people, lonely or not, could also just show up. People can’t always wait for something to be done for them\; sometimes they need to take control for themselves.
None of us are the same. We all look different and we think in our own ways and we act and feel different. We are all unique, and people shouldn’t be cast out just because their ways are uncommon. Some people feel sad and depressed and lonely, but they do not want to talk about it. They keep their feelings to themselves, either because they can’t communicate or they have a hard time communicating. People should not be put down and feel left out because of something that they can’t control.
“We need to change the culture of the building and how JoLane should feel for kids\; we want Jolane to be a safe place where people have friends and connections,” Mrs.Opp says.
In conclusion, if there is someone that has no one to talk to or hang out with, don’t hesitate to include them. And the person with no one to sit by shouldn’t ponder about incorporating themselves. As teenagers, we forget about these people who don’t have anybody to talk to, but we need to remember to just show up, just like the video suggested.
For anyone who would like to rewatch the video, here is the link: Just Show Up