The wonderful Ms. Wilson

Ms. Wilson is JoLane’s new office manager. She is going into her seventh year here at JoLane, and her anniversary is August 5! When we interviewed her, she told us a lot about her past and why she wanted to work at a middle school.
“I knew the previous principal and staff. They seemed very nice and the position was open, so I thought it would be a good idea to switch jobs. I miss my old job but don’t regret switching at all,” said Ms. Wilson. She added that she really likes the craziness and the spontaneous kids that come in the office, saying, ’’If you have any craziness, come to me!’’
She went on to say, “The whole JoLane TEAM is super friendly and I really like the new teachers and staff.”
Ms. Wilson had one more thing to add. “I think the school should have a fun day. That means fun competitions, team building and more fun activities!” Sounds good to us!

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