New and improving National Junior Honor Society

New advisers bring a change of focus


NJHS members help out at the Fish Food Pantry in November.

National Junior Honor Society NJHS, is an organization that honors well-behaved students with a GPA of 3.8 or higher. It was founded in 1929. By the National Association of Secondary School Principales (NASSP. To qualify for each member has to have good grades and be a hardworking student. If students in NJHS, they will want to show: character, scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and service (the five pillars).
NJHS doesn’t just honor good kids with good grades and behavior, they also help the community. For example, they give members the opportunity of volunteering at the FISH Food Pantry. Members are only considered an active member if that person volunteers in the community for eight hours by a specific deadline. If an individual does not complete their eight hours the individual is considered an inactive member.
“It’s about teamwork and it’s about helping other people out and then really it’s just setting you towards a better goal,” says Hannah Hueberger (the vice president). NJHS members also go on fun field trips. For example, is that NJHS went on a field trip to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland in October.
Any seventh or eighth grader who has good grades, a good, hard-working attitude, and wants to volunteer can be inducted.
The NJHS adviser, Mrs. Rogers, wants to improve NJHS. “We don’t get to see the faces of NJHS as much as we want to besides through our monthly meetings, so we want to have more opportunities out there in our communities that we can do to have a lot of fun,” said Mrs. Rogers. Who wants to be more in contact with members in NJHS. Mrs. Rogers also added the importance of, “having communication with inactive members and having personal conversations with them why they have chosen that route.” They want to have more correspondence and fun with the members. They also want to have more formal induction ceremonies and make sure everyone gets an award for their accomplishments. Look out for these great, new improvements.
NJHS has officers including Madison Juett as president, Hannah Hueberger as vice president and historian, Skyler Pinsondumm as secretary and sergeant of arms, and Christina Chi as treasurer. These NJHS officers worked hard to get into these positions. They have completed all of their eight volunteer hours (and probably more), and have been dedicated to becoming an officer. They are comfortable speaking to public crowds. Officers are usually confident in what they do, put a lot of their own time in and are committed to their job and responsibility. “You have to be committed to going to the meetings and other important things like that.” Madison Juett answered after being asked how to become an officer and what it takes to be one. Hannah Hueberger’s answer was, “To be an officer you have to want to be an officer, because if you want it that means your going to work hard and try your best.” If everyone gets good grades, has a good hard-working attitude and wants to volunteer, maybe all of us can all get into NJHS.