Welcome to the Boys and Girls Club

Kids from all over Roseburg are welcome!


Maile Tsuchiya, Staff Reporter

Calling all parents! Do you have a busy schedule? Is it hard to pick up the kids as soon as school gets out? Introducing the Boys and Girls Club! Boys and Girls Club is a non-profit organization that provides a fun way for kids to spend time with their friends until somebody can pick them up.
The goal of Boys and Girls Club is to help children reach their goals in school and in real life situations as they get older. Some key things they focus on are school success, healthy living, and achieving self-set goals. There is a bus that arrives as soon as school is over that transports children to Boys and Girls Club. It is located at 1144 NE Cedar St, Roseburg, OR 97470. Boys and Girls Club provides care for students from ages 6 to 18 (first grade through twelfth grade).
For first graders, the organization provides something called Junior Club, a smaller room just for first graders. Students in this age group watch movies, make crafts and socialize with their friends.
Those who are in second to fifth grade stay downstairs in the main area where Boys and Girls Club provides a pool table, gym, Legos and a computer lab. The computer lab is definitely a crowd favorite. Students who are in sixth and seventh grade go upstairs to the Tween Room, which provides video games such as Mario Kart and Just Dance. In this room you can be on your electronics, so don’t expect to walk in there to nobody on their smartphones. Along with the Tween Room, kids may also go in the Art Room and Computer Lab.
For the oldest kids here (eighth to twelfth grade) there is a Teen Room that also provides video games just like the ones listed for the Tween Room. All students also get the option of going to what’s called the Cyber Cafe. The Cyber Cafe is a fun area just for the middle and high school students, located upstairs. It has many tables and chairs to hang out at, an out-of-the-room homework area, and two computers set in the corner. Definitely consider signing your kids up today by giving Boys and Girls Club a call at (541) 440-9505 or visit their website at https://bgcuv.org/.