Assembly behavior

JoLane students need to act better

None of us like to be taken advantage of. So then, how come during assemblies we take advantage of problems like technology failures? Just because technology fails doesn’t mean that students should mess around and not care. It’s embarrassing when we have guest speakers and the students act badly, because the guests are taking time out of their day to come and talk to us. We’re talking about the students’ ridiculous behavior during the PSA’s fundraiser kickoff assembly on October 14. The sound system didn’t work, so the kids just yelled and ignored the people trying to talk.
It’s not like people don’t know how to act at an assembly, because we went through the behavior expectations at the start of the year, and some teachers talk about the expectations before every assembly. So there is no excuse to not know the expectations. The expectations for assemblies are that you sit quietly and listen to the speaker. Students can talk and yell during pep assemblies, but when the speaker wants the crowd to stop talking, everyone needs to stop talking.
People should also not be on their phones; the amount of people I saw on their phones was ridiculous. Leave the phones in lockers or in the classroom. We as a school need to act better at assemblies, because it is embarrassing how bad we acted at the last one.