What is Phase One?

Oregon counties begin to slowly reopen


Oregon Health Authority

As of June 8, many Oregon counties have moved into phase two of the COVID 19 reopening

On Friday, May 15, Governor Kate Brown announced that 31 out of 36 Oregon counties may begin Phase One. But what exactly does Phase One mean? In this phase, restaurants and bars can open up, but the workers and customers must still follow social distancing rules. The workers must wear masks, and there is a limit of groups of ten or fewer. Food and drink consumption must end at 10 p.m. Barbers and salons may open for appointments only; gyms may also open. For all of these businesses, the workers and clients must follow social distancing, sanitation rules, and must not have too many people at once. For gathering there can be only up to twenty five people in a room, and there can still be no travelling.
The counties in Phase One have opened up a lot of businesses. In Roseburg, about every shop and eatery is open, as well as dance companies, but the library is still not open. Phase One does not mean restrictions on social distancing have lessened, it just means more businesses are allowed to reopen. For counties to begin Phase One they must meet this criteria: have had a decline in COVID-19 cases and/or had less than five hospitalizations, and healthcare care workers must have enough protective equipment.

Update: As of June 8, all but seven Oregon counties have been given permission to enter Phase Two of the state’s reopening plan.