Being smart and staying safe


During this pandemic, people need to work on being safe and smart in order to not get sick and/or infect other people. The more the virus spreads, the harder it is to control. By April 19, there were 26,323 recorded cases on that day alone in the United States as a result of this pandemic. This virus spreads so quickly and easily, it is hard to stay safe and keep others safe.
Kate Brown, the Oregon state governor, ordered this quarantine originally for only a couple of weeks. Now we are beyond the fortieth day of the quarantine, and most likely the quarantine will not end for another two or three months, maybe even more.
Even though the virus has not been fully contained, many people have been going outside more and more, not just out of their house but into populated areas. Masks may help, but they won’t keep someone from getting sick. Unless everyone were to wear a mask, masks are only protecting others who are not wearing masks, assuming that they do not have the virus. The World Health Organization mentions that we should be washing our hands frequently and often, before and after eating, and after sneezing, coughing or blowing our noses in a public area. Also, after touching any public surfaces, people should immediately wash their hands.
The people most at risk to COVID-19 are people who have or had serious medical issues, including respiratory issues and diabetes, according to the Oregon Health Authority. This means that most elderly people are at risk, too. To keep others safe, citizens should maintain a distance of at least three feet, but a preferred six feet, from anyone besides instant family. People should also wash their hands at a minimum of twenty seconds with soap.
If someone does feel sick, even if the symptoms do not match COVID-19, they should stay home unless they require medical treatment. Anyone who does go out in public should always wear a face mask, no matter their illness.
Overall, staying home will help the community, yet people are going out almost every day for stuff they are not required to do. The quarantine will not work if no one is staying at home. And if not staying home for everyone elses’ safety, then maybe they could stay home for members of their own families.