Drama class creates a ‘wonderland’ for audience

Members of the Alice in Wonderland cast prepare to take a bow.

This year, on January 23 at 7:00 PM in the upper gym, the annual Joseph Lane middle school play, “Alice’s New Adventures in Wonderland,” was held. Tickets cost five dollars per person at the door. This year’s selection was put on by this year’s drama class. This drama class is taught by Mrs. Klingenmeyer, JoLane’s new drama/choir teacher.
This play was loved and enjoyed by all audience members, young and old. Because the drama class’s students all worked hard, the play ran smoothly, and any mistakes made weren’t noticed by the audience. However, they did have trouble taking the entry fee, five dollars per adult. Consequently, everyone got in for free, with the option to donate money to the class. The drama class’s scenery was done by the art department, led by Mr. Foster, and was all done beautifully. My personal favorite was the tree with the Cheshire cat in it, but they were all done extremely well.
As said in the previous paragraph, the characters were all well-acted. Personally, though, I found the Queen of Heart’s performance the most enjoyable because she was funny and she executed her part well. At the end of the play, the students received a large round of applause for their hard work and determination.
The actors in the drama class, and the parts they play, are:
Kaylee Gray as AliceNicole Boehland the Queen of Hearts
Shalee Barrett as the Mad Hatter
Ameerah Gober as the Cheshire Cat
Emily Thorp as the White Rabbit
Faith Martin as Tweedledee
Faith Demers as Tweedledum
Alexandria Mohlsick as Rootbeer
Lexi Huber as Gwen
Zoe Johnson as Tiffy
Violet Ritter-Howell as Radar
Max Attebury as Monstressa
Aria Smith as Slinky
Ivy Newell as Winky
AJ Rogers as Blinky
Haleigh Mcdowell as Cranquella
Byron Irvin as the Wizard
Gavin Ryther as the King
Quinlan Eastburn as Delphenia
Caleb Earlson as LeoLillian Leeper as Stephie
Peyton Shaffar as Caller 1, Card 1, Workman 1
Ahleya Peters as Caller 3, Card 3, Guard 1
Mae Hannum as Caller 4, Card 4, Guard 2
Breana More as Card 5, messenger
The Stage Managers are
Marijane Johnson, Aukai Adams, and Brayden Whitehead