A day in the life of a pandemic

This is a crazy time. When it was first announced on March 13 that school would be closed for two and half weeks, I was pretty happy. I got to have a longer spring break. Cool. Then those two and half weeks turned into over a month. At first I was okay with it, but then as time went on I became more and more displeased with this situation.

Every day I feel less motivated. At the beginning, I was worried I would go brain dead, so I had myself do things to keep my brain steady. To keep myself from going stir crazy I baked a lot\; banana bread, pie, cookies, bread, pizza crust, and I made dinner every night. I also have been practicing dance skills and language skills. With all the extra time on my hands I have been relaxing and taking care of myself.

The first Zoom meeting I had was for dance. It was really hard to stay focused since I was in my own home, I would get distracted so easily. Once the teachers started to send stuff out it was kind of weird. I went from doing things I wanted to, to have two hours cut from my day (from dance), to my whole day basically being taken up. While it is easier than being at school, it’s a lot to take in. All of a sudden, you’re getting an abundance of emails from teachers, and assignments in Google Classroom, and you’re confused about what to do and when to do it. The teachers are trying to relieve stress, but words in an email don’t do much.

To relieve stress I would think of the positives. I don’t have to get up too early, I can do things at my own pace, I get an hour to eat instead of less than thirty minutes, and I’m in the comfort of my own home. The first week of “Distance Learning” was a little stressful, but the second week was a lot easier. I knew what to do and when to do it.

Overall, quarantine is okay, but I wish that it was over. Every day feels the same, and that was how it was during “normal” times. At the beginning I was so happy to take a break from the never-ending, same-thing cycle. But now I miss it. I miss my friends and teachers, and all the things about school that I like and don’t like. I think it’s good to take a break from your everyday cycle, but this break is too long.