Different sides of the story

We see how this pandemic has struck us, and we have found a new solution for kids to be able to still have an education, but what about it. Is this an easier system for kids? How does it help? Is it better/worse? People always have different answers. So what is it?
Distance learning is an opportunity if you think about it. working at one’s own pace. Not waiting for kids who need a little more time. Students can take on knowledge at their own pace. There are kids who work faster than others, and kids who work slower. This opportunity is great for kids. Some people think differently, but I like distance learning better, because working at my own pace is a big thing for me.
Kayla McCurry has a different side of the story. I asked her, “ What is better about distance learning?” She responded, “I like it, because there are no distractions, so I can focus more.” She also said, “I don’t like it because I am used to collaborating with other people. I am used to doing school on paper. Plus the teacher posted a lot. Even though you can work at your own pace, it’s harder to do it. I am used to hands-on help.”
We see two different sides of the story. Anyone who wants to share their opinion, please comment below.